Dream: The Not too Distant Future

*Found this dream in my archives. 

DaniEL ‘CAMouflage’ Okafor

Date: 10/27/09

Time: 5:50 AM

Emotions: Grief, Anxious, Adrenaline

Title: The Not too Distant Future

The time is now 6:01 Am and I’ve had an alarming dream, I am convicted to share certain aspects of it at this time. I saw a time in the not so distant future where people where helping each other through turmoil! It appeared that some kind of disaster had hit America and bad! It caused people to work together & pray together. I saw buildings that collapsed & that many people across this nation were really injured by the events that took place.

Some things I observed: I saw these new Cellphone/Walkie Talkie type watches that a lot of people had, they looked very cool like the kind that Dick Tracy in the comics used to wear, now I even heard what they were called, but I’m not led to share that at this time. It appears that adults/children alike where using these cool new sci-fi looking watch phones!, this is what gives me a time frame of the events I saw taking place. If you look at the way technology is going now, it’s not so far-fetched is it.

I saw several people I literally knew ministering to those who were hurt/injured, but I won’t mention names, they had matured into the new creatures! (Ref. 2 Corinthians 5:17) I believe that King Jesus’ return is imminent! He’s coming much sooner than we think and we need to be prepared for the inevitable calamity that is sure to strike the Earth and America specifically. I’m not setting dates or times but, In obedience I share what God has charged me to and I hope it helps to encourage you despite what happens on planet Earth. Please I repeat please be ready, who could have imagined 9/11 or Hurricane Katrina, my point is we just never know what may happen and always should be prepared first spiritually then naturally.

I realize some may be offended by this but, that is not my intent , I’m simply doing what I was called to do. God Bless.

[Reference Matthew 24]

To God be all the Glory!

I hope and pray this blesses you in Jesus’ name

Thank you Lord for Illumination,

Love Daniel

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