Dream: JESUS / The Second Coming

*Found this dream in my archives.

DaniEL ‘CAMouflage’ Okafor
Date: 8/5/2008
Title: JESUS Dream I had / The 2nd Coming!
Time: 1:08 PM
Emotions: Joy, Nervousness, & Adrenaline Rush

My dream began in my bedroom talking to a friend on my celly; My natural father came in to my room and told me that he was thinking about purchasing some real-estate properties nearby our house with some money he had. There were a lot of foreclosures being talked about!

After a few minutes my whole family was in my room randomly talking and I was led to look out of the blinds in my bedroom window. As I looked outside in the night sky I saw a BRILLIANTLY lit Being descending from the sky at a tremendous Speed! As it got to eyesight, about the level that planes fly at my Vision Zoomed in as a movie would Zoom in on something flying. He had both hands over his head and one foot down and his other knee up as if He were preparing to land. I could not see (HIS) face but I could see features like his His Jawline, His radiant Long White Hair and also a muscular build, BROAD shoulders!, It was nothing like the
depiction of JESUS in the movie Passion of the Christ, although that’s one of my favorite movies, He was BUILT Solid!!! His stature was intimidating in an Awesome way! After seeing the features I knew deep in my Spirit it was my CREATOR! I felt a river of nervousness because it was really happening and Joy simultaneously!
After seeing this at that height I turned to look at my family and they all looked shocked!, they could tell I had seen something… I immediately said “Let’s pray”, and we all held hands and I led in a prayer of repentance… It was so VIVID! After I prayed I ran back to the window and saw that he was just about to land on the Earth, but right before he landed he exponentially multiplied in Size as he descended… He seemed to just increase! The best thing I could compare it to, is like when Super Mario would be tiny then eat the mushroom & grow in size.

And Boom!!! As he landed the whole Earth trembled, and I woke up in the natural.
Now I understand the scripture more which says Behold I come as a thief in the night! … It was so unexpected, I was Amazed!

Interpretation: 2 part

1) I feel as if Jesus wanted me to have an Idea what it is going to be like when he comes back to RAPTURE his bride (The Church).

2) I believe Jesus is going to be divinely visiting his (children) on Earth that are In sync w/ him & expecting an encounter!!! He gets as close as you do! Read:(James 4:8) He is desiring to bring his Body up to speed.
He is the Chief Cornerstone (Ephesians 2:20); He is the Lord of Host which include all the warring Angels! They truly are waging War in the Invisible Realms, which in turn affects the natural realm, Examples: weather patterns, earthquakes, tornadoes e.t.c.| They are warring to defeat the demonic rebellious angels as the clock ticks till life Eternal! Jesus & the host of innumerable Angels of GOD ALMIGHTY never lose a battle!

No one knows the Day or the Hour that Jesus will return not even Himself or the Angels, only the Father knows, just as the scriptures say:

Matthew 24:36
“No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.

Thank You Father, for such Revelation
Love your Son,

Love your Son, DaniEL

All GLORY to God!
Are you Rapture Ready?!
To all my Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I Pray & Hope this blesses you, as it blessed me. Amen. Selah.

Second Coming of YESHUA

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